Magic, myth, witchcraft, spiritism, and herbal remedies in Baracoa, Cuba

[Book Design, 2016 – Florida (USA)]

Client: Ediciones Nuevos Mundos – The Friendship Association


It was a real pleasure for me to design the 1st english edition of Curandero book.
Curandero is written by Victor Oscar Perez and illustrated by Mildo Matos.
This book recounts stories and ancecdotes, seemingly fantastic at times, which form part of the local collective imagination of Baracoa, Cuba.
It includes a detailed glossary of common ailments and their cures. This study, the fruit of 30 years of research, is perhaps the only written account of the historical evolution of Baracoan curanderismo from pre-Columbian times to the present.

Quick specs: 88 pages, paperback cover with flaps, 150x210x10 mm

Curandero is finally available on Amazon!
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