Parco In Scena


PARCO IN SCENA – Stranizza d’amuri

[Public architecture design, 2016-under construction, Italy]

Project made together with arch. Donatella Incardona
Client: Municipality of Ragusa


PARCO IN SCENA – Stranizza d’amuri
Rehabilitation of the historic Villa Margherita urban park in Ragusa. This project includes an outdoor theater, a green path and a wood fence.

The outdoor stage ( 12 x 12 m) takes advantage of the existing steps, which are a perfect parterre; furthermore, the valley panorama turns into a natural backdrop. This stage will be the largest outdoor theater in Ragusa, perfect for shows during summer and spring seasons.

The shape of the wood fence is inspired by the waveform of the verse “Stranizza d’amuri”, included in the song Stranizza d’Amuri by sicilian author Franco Battiato. Ideally, this fence is an immaginary connection between the “Vallone Santa Domenica” (Villa Margherita rests on this valley) and the “Vadduni da Scammacca” included in that poetic song.
Concretely, this fence is a sound shield, in order to cut the stage off from the car park and from the garden path. Moreover, it could be used as a wall/frame for exhibitions and/or as a notice board.

The green path will connect the two sides of the park, so everyone could sit down in the shade of the trees or enjoy the valley panorama.

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Ragusa Oggi 12/2016
Ragusa H24 12/2016
Corriere Quotidiano 12/2016
Voci di città 12/2016
Ragusa Oggi 12/2016



Magic, myth, witchcraft, spiritism, and herbal remedies in Baracoa, Cuba

[Book Design, 2016 – Florida (USA)]

Client: Ediciones Nuevos Mundos – The Friendship Association


It was a real pleasure for me to design the 1st english edition of Curandero book.
Curandero is written by Victor Oscar Perez and illustrated by Mildo Matos.
This book recounts stories and ancecdotes, seemingly fantastic at times, which form part of the local collective imagination of Baracoa, Cuba.
It includes a detailed glossary of common ailments and their cures. This study, the fruit of 30 years of research, is perhaps the only written account of the historical evolution of Baracoan curanderismo from pre-Columbian times to the present.

Quick specs: 88 pages, paperback cover with flaps, 150x210x10 mm

Curandero is finally available on Amazon!
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ZAC – Visual identity


ZAC – I FIORI DEL MALE, Visual identity


Client: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Abruzzo


Progettazione e realizzazione immagine coordinata del film ZAC – I FIORI DEL MALE, selezione ufficiale alla 72^ Mostra Internazionale d’Arte cinematografica di Venezia.

Prodotti realizzati:
CARTACEO locandine, flier, brochure, cartella stampa, inviti proiezione, buste
DVD+BLURAY copertina custodia, copertina disco, booklet, authoring disco, menu animati
DIGITALE cartella stampa digitale, presskit, banner social network

Design of the visual identity of the movie ZAC – I FIORI DEL MALE, Official selection at 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

PAPER posters, fliers, brochure, press book, screening invitation cards, envelopes
DVD+BLURAY case covers, disc cover, booklet, disc authoring, animated menus
DIGITAL digital pressbook, presskit, social networks’ banners, video+audio trailer, video+audio teasers

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CV – Papillon



The word for “bow tie” in Italian is “farfalla”, in French “papillon”. Both words mean “butterfly”.

Butterfly is representative of surprise, the magical creativity inherent to the genius of Nature: able to turn ordinary things – usually taken for granted – into new amazing things. It has nothing to do with illusions; rather it’s about transforming and exalting potential.
This is the concept behind my CV.

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Vi capovolgo l’uomo…

vi capovolgo uomo-guadagnino

Vi capovolgo l’uomo… e ve lo rimetto in sesto
di Salvo Guadagnino, Papiro Editrice

[Book Design, 2012 – Italy]

Client: Salvo Guadagnino


It was a real pleasure for me to design the artwork + shooting macro photographs for the 1st edition of Vi capovolgo l’uomo… e ve lo rimetto in sesto book.
Vi capovolgo l’uomo… e ve lo rimetto in sesto is written by Salvo Guadagnino.
This book is a scientific essay about potential and characteristics of the human tongue. It includes the GIO (Gravity Instinctive Opposition), an innovative method invented by the speech terapist Salvo Guadagnino in order to obtain the so called “resest muscolare”.

Vi capovolgo l’uomo… e ve lo rimetto in sesto is finally available online!
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